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Plastic Slide Outdoor Playground

Plastic parts of the plastic ground are made of colorful and food-grade LLDPE, which is imported from South Korea. With high strength, the plastic slide outdoor playground contains anti-UV, anti-static and fade-proof elements. It has a smooth surface which is safe, eco-friendly, weather resistant, and not easy to fade.

As a famous professional outdoor playground manufacturer in China, our company is engaged in various kinds of amusement park equipment, including outdoor metal type, wooden type, stainless type, pirate ship type, pirate ship type .The products have various colors and different designs. Our amusement playground, children playground, plastic slide, children slide, kids slide, garden playground, playground toys, kids playground equipment, outdoor play equipment and theme park toys are very popular recently. They are widely used in park, villa garden, kindergarten, school, community, supermarket, residential area and other outdoor places.

1. Our plastic slide outdoor playground is certified by CE, EN1176, ISO9001, SGS and ROHS.
2. Player age: 3-15years old
3. Various designs and colors are available.
4. This product is safe, durable, colorful, comfortable.
5. Platform and step: steel with powder coated or rubber coated.
6. The best playground system to meet children's diverse needs
7. The post can be made by metal, wood, Galvanized steel. Diameter is114mm, thickness is 2.3mm. It is coated with powder.
8. The playground consists of roofs, posts, platforms, decks, tunnels, panels, climbs, ladders, steps and slides, which include wave slide, trough slide, curved chute slide, tube slide, and spiral slide.
9. The ladders, handrails, steps and climbers are all-welded one-piece to reduce installation time and maintenance concerns.
10. Our plastic slide outdoor playground is widely used in park, villa garden, kindergarten, school, community, supermarket, residential area, and other outdoor places
11. OEM and customer's design are available. Diversified styles, colors, and cartoons can be designed according to requirements. Ground space design is available.

If you order our product, we will send you the installation drawings together with the cargo, and we can also provide you the installation drawings before you receive the goods. Packed with cotton inside and PVC film outside, our product can be delivered within 7-13 working days from Guangzhou or Shenzhen port.

JMQ-01402 7.88*5.6*4.5m JMQ-K206 2.5*1.3*2.2m JMQ-K041B 7.6*6.2*3.8m
JMQ-01501 13*12*6m JMQ-K006A 8.7*8.4*6m JMQ-K043A 8.5*5.5*4.8m
JMQ-01801 7*5*3.7m JMQ-K009A 11.7*8*5.7m JMQ-K045A 6.3*6*3.4m
JMQ-6092 9*7.2*3.5m JMQ-K013B 7.7*5.6*5.6m JMQ-K054C 6.6*4.8*3.7m
JMQ-6093 7*5.9*4.2m JMQ-K019B 9*5*4m JMQ-K074B 7.5*6.5*4.3m
JMQ-6095 6*5.9*3.2m JMQ-K024B 8.4*7.4*6.1m JMQ-K131B 5.2*4*3.8m
JMQ-6097 8*7*3.2m JMQ-K034A 6.3*3.3*3.6m
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