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Stainless Steel Slide Outdoor Playground

As a famous professional outdoor playground manufacturer in China, our company develops a new kind of slide playground, which is the stainless steel slide outdoor playground equipment. Popular with children, the stainless steel slide outdoor playground equipment includes stainless amusement playground, stainless steel slide outdoor playground, backyard playground, and park playground.

JMQ-K201A 4.5*3.4*3.5m JMQ-K202C 10.8*9.1*4.2m JMQ-K203B 6.4*4.5*3.6m

1. Certificates: CE, EN1176, ISO9001, ROHS
2. OEM and customer's design are available
3. Post can be made of metal, wood, or galvanized steel
4. Slide parts are composed of stainless steel
5. Player age: 3-15 years old
6. Stainless playground consists of roofs, posts, platforms, decks, tunnels, panels, climbs, ladders, steps, and slides, which include wave slide, trough slide, curved chute slide, tube slide and spiral slide.
7. Our product is widely used in outdoor places like park, villa garden, kindergarten, school, community, supermarket, and residential area, etc.

As a safe, exquisite, durable, and eco-friendly product, our stainless steel slide outdoor playground products can be divided into three types, namely JMQ-K201A, JMQ-K202C, and JMQ-K203B, sizes of which are 4.5 * 3.4 * 3.5m, 10.8 * 9.1 * 4.2m, 6.4* 4.5 * 3.6m respectively. Plastic parts of our product adopt food-grade engineering plastics, so safety and reliability can be ensured. After derusting, degreasing, and slinging processing, as well as the adoption of anti-UV, anti-static, and fade-proof elements strictly in accordance with the standard, the surface is smooth, safe, weather resistant, and not easy to fade. Composed of high strength perforated plates, the platform goes through dip treatment as a whole, so it is featured with safety, beauty, and good non-slip performance. In addition, fasteners and round hoops are connected by stainless and anti-theft screws, so the connections are secure. With easy installation, stainless steel slide outdoor playground is a perfect amusement product for children, and it is widely used in public places like nursery, garden, residential area, and playground, etc.

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