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Kiddie Rides, Seesaw

Kiddie rides and seesaw are widely used in outdoor places like park, villa garden, kindergarten, school, community, supermarket, residential area, etc. Children from three to fifteen years old can play kiddie rides and seesaw . The amusement rides can be divided into two types. One is made by plastic materials, while the other one is formed by PE board, with steel pipe. The spring meets European standards, and the seat is made of rotational molding of LLDPE, which is imported from Samsung or ICO.

We can design different styles of our products according to customers' requirements. All the products have already passed SGS and ROHS certifications and met EN1176 and CE standards in Europe.

JMQ-K160A 1.8*0.4*0.6m JMQ-K160G 2.8*0.4*0.6m JMQ-K163X 1.6*1.3*0.8
JMQ-K160K 1.8*0.8*0.6m JMQ-K160H 2.3*0.6*0.7m JMQ-K165F 92*24*80cm
JMQ-K160L 2.8*0.4*0.6m JMQ-K163O 126*65*62cm JMQ-K165L 92*24*80cm

Our company is a professional manufacturer producing kiddie rides and seesaw . Our kiddie rides and seesaw can help children control their senses of balance, and promote the development of children's physical and mental health, so they are widely used in places like amusement park, community, and school, etc.

As a kind of playground equipment which adopts special fabrication processing, the product of amusement rides is shaped like a horse, on which children can ride and swing back and forth. In this way, our product can satisfy children's requirement for activities and they will enjoy positive and happy emotions. Made of LLDPE materials, this product is featured with good softness, toughness, and cold resistance. Besides, the product is designed according to shapes of animals, so it is very popular with kids. As a kind of kids toy, seesaw is designed basing on lever principle. The seesaw adopts steel tube which meets ISO standards. After all kinds of surface treatment processing, the spray paint is solidified with high temperature, and the surface will be smooth, so the product will not irritate kids' skin. Our company professionally produces playground equipment with various types, reliable quality, and reasonable price, so our product is certainly your best choice.

As a professional kiddie rides, seesaw manufacturer and supplier in China, Jinmiqi also offers water slide, plastic slide outdoor playground, bungee trampoline, indoor playground, and more.

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