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Garden Chair

Welcome to purchase our outdoor chair series, we have park chair, bench chair, garden chair, leisure chair, dining chair, wooden chair, metal chair, iron chair, steel chair, etc. Made of rose wood and metal, our garden chair is mothproof and durable. Our product can bring you a clean and comfortable life and is widely used in places like park, school, and street, etc.

JMQ-K182G L:1.4m JMQ-K184B 1.4*1.4m
JMQ-K182J L:1.2m JMQ-K185I L:1.2m

Garden chair produced by our company can be divided into four types, including JMQ-K182G, JMQ-K182J, JMQ-K184B, and JMQ-K185I. Product of JMQ-K182G is 1.4m long, and consists of chair slats and chair legs. With high strength and shock resistance performance, our chair slats can be used for a long time in the open air. After stamping, soldering, and curving processing, the steel tubes transform into chair legs, which enjoy high plasticity, various styles, and simple and modern shape. After fabrication processing like acid pickling, the steel surface has better appearance quality and anti-rust and anti-corrosion abilities. JMQ-K182J and JMQ-K185I belong to garden bench, with the same length of 1.2m. Product of these two kinds is featured with artistic appearance, steadiness, and durability. Garden chair of JMQ-K184B has a size of 1.4﹡1.4m, and adopts metal material which occupies very small space, so it is easy to install and transport, and it is certainly the perfect type of garden table. Our garden furniture can make people's lives convenient and living conditions harmonious.

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