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Trash Bin

Except outdoor chairs, the garden furniture has some other series, including trash bin, trash can, dustbin, waste bin, garbage bin, rubbish bin, kiosk, security pavilion, basketball stands, ping-pong table, tennis able, billiard table, etc. Made of rose wood and metal, trash bin is mothproof and durable. The product can bring clean and comfortable life for people, so it is widely used in places like park, school, and street, etc.

JMQ-K186F 90*36*103cm JMQ-K188H 74*60*100cm
JMQ-K187F Dia40*75cm JMQ-K188K 50*50*103cm

Trash bin is a kind of container for people to store garbage. As a professional outdoor equipment manufacturer, our company produces four types of trash bin, including JMQ-K186F, JMQ-K187F, JMQ-K188H, and JMQ-K188K, the sizes of which are respectively 90*36*103cm, 40*75cm, 74*60*100cm, and 50*50*103cm. Product of JMQ-K186F adopts steel plate and is featured with high strength and long life span. It is widely used in public places like urban road, green land, square, business street, and residential quarter, etc. Our trash bin has smooth surface and artistic shape, and is very easy to clean. Some products can be used for classified garbage collection. Therefore, it is a practical waste container. In addition, our product is eco-friendly and has bright color, and can be applied to all kinds of waste management. However, the product shall be free from great pressure during transportation and storage, and please do not use acidic or alkaline cleanser to scrub the product.

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