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Also know as naughty fort or naughty castle, indoor playground is very popular with children in recent years. As the most popular product among indoor playground entertainment series, it is suitable for children from three to fifteen years old. Indoor playground products, like trampoline, plastic slide, ball pool, bouncy bed, space tunnel, drilling pipe, bridge, and cartoon gun, are produced for children to climb, crawl, slip, stomp, jump, and swing. Based on these characteristics of children, we have designed some unique products with different styles. Each product has its own theme and can be very interesting.

Our product has reached SGS, ROHS, EN1176, and CE standards in Europe, and it has been exported to more than sixty countries and widely used in indoor places like supermarket, KFC, shopping center, and dining hall, etc.

JMQ-K112A 13.3*
JMQ-K112D 12.5*11.2
JMQ-K113D 7.9*3.9
JMQ-K112B 7.8*7.8
JMQ-K113B 9.75*4.7
JMQ-K113E 4.4*3.2
JMQ-K112C 11*4.5
JMQ-K113C 9*3.6
JMQ-K115A 5.6*3.5

Materials and Components
1. We use PVC sponge pipe on the surface of its support.
2. Plastic parts are made of imported colorful LLDPE from South Korea
3. Post is made of hot-dip galvanized pipe. Its diameter is 48mm and its thickness is 2.0mm.
4. Our product includes various tubes, slides, trampolines, ball pools, speed slides, play panels, soft ladders, cable bridges, climbing boards, bridges, punching bags, net canisters, crossing barriers, soft climbing walls, swing balls, turnstile panels, triangle maze stations and soft sponges.

If you give us the details of your demands such as length, width and height, our designer will design a specific indoor playground toy for you.

As a new generation of children's activities center, indoor playground is designed according to children's habits like climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swing, and jumping, etc. Our product is a highly comprehensive children's playground, which integrates functions like amusement, sport, education, and fitness, etc. Therefore, our product is very popular with children.

Our indoor playground can be divided into several types, including JMQ-K112C and JMQ-K112D, sizes of which are 11*4.5*2.8m and 12.5*11.2*5.4m respectively. Installed in the ample room, our product is safe and can be operated without power, so it will save operating cost for users. The product adopts PVC plastics, sponge, engineering plastics and other materials as well as galvanized pipe and seamless steel pipe. Our indoor playground puts children in a thrilling environment which gives full play to their vitalities and imaginations, so they can get exercised while having a good time. Our product nurtures children's spirit of not being far behind to make them grow healthily and happily. In addition, our price is quite low, and we can customize the product with the exact model and specifications according to your requirement.

Our company is a professional water park equipment manufacturer in China. We provide a vast range of products, including bungee trampoline, indoor playground, wood slide outdoor playground, swing set, and much more.

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