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Water Slide

As a famous playground manufacturer in China, our company produces water amusement park equipment products like water playground equipment, aqua park, aqua paradise, water slide, and water tube toys, etc.

1. Plastic parts are made of imported colorful LLDPE from South Korea.
2. Playground consists of roofs, posts, platforms, decks, tunnels, panels, climbs, ladders, steps and slides.
3. Platforms and steps are made of steel with powder coated or rubber coated.
4. Post is made of galvanized steel with powder coated. Its diameter is 114mm and its thickness is 2.5mm.
5. The ladders, handrails, steps and climbers are all-welded one-piece to reduce installation time and maintenance concerns.

JMQ-05804 4.5*3.5*3.7m JMQ-05903 5.6*5.2*3.8m JMQ-K104E 12*9*4m
JMQ-05805 11.5*4.5*6m JMQ-K038A 6*5*3.4m JMQ-K107D 5*3*5m

In addition to the entertainment function, our water slide adds a lot of activities, such as wheels, fountains and water curtains, to attract children's attention. Ordinary metal column and metal platform of traditional products only consider the ordinary level of weather resistance, salt spray resistance, rust protection, and corrosion protection performances. However, the disinfectant fluid in water can corrode the metal parts of water slide. Unlike traditional products, our water slide is featured with exquisite workmanship and excellent performances like impact resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance, so our product is safe and reliable, and can be used for a long time. Besides, our product has a quite low price.

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