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Bungee Trampoline

Featured with good quality, our bungee trampoline can make children relaxed and excited. Designed for children to jump freely and happily, our product helps children forget sadness and pressure, and improves their abilities to challenge and explore. All parts of our product, including imported black net, galvanized steel pipe, inflatable bouncer, and safety belt, are safe for children to play. Our bungee trampoline has passed SGS and ROHS certifications and met EN1176 and CE standards in Europe. We can customize trampoline with exact sizes required by our customers. Besides, enclosure net can be offered if you demand.

Parameters of Bungee Trampoline
JMQ-007 9*9*6m JMQ-013 7*4*6m JMQ-024 10*5.24*2.3m
JMQ-010 9*9*6m JMQ-016 7*5*6m JMQ-025
JMQ-K152B 8ft,10ft,12ft,13ft,14ft (diameter is 2.44m,3.05m,3.66m,3.96m,4.27m)
JMQ-037 2*2.5*2.3m, 2*3*2.3m, 2.5*3*2.3m, 4*4*2.3m, 3*4*2.3m, 4*5*2.3m
JMQ-038 3*3.5*2.3m, 3*4*2.3m, 4*4*2.3m, 4*5*2.3m
JMQ-041 2*2.5*2.3m, 2*3*2.3m, 2.5*3*2.3m
JMQ-043 7*3.05*2.3m, 8.3*3.6*2.3m, 8.7*3.96*2.3m, 9.45*4.27*2.3m

Specially designed to help children exercise courage and improve comprehensive quality, our bungee trampoline is extremely interesting and exciting. Featured with low price, bungee trampoline is a prominent product of our company. As a result, we pay much attention to the purchase of materials of the accessories. Due to the international standard galvanized steel pipe, our product has good corrosion resistance performance, and enjoys a long life span. The product is convenient and safe, for it can work without power or electricity. Thanks to the good quality of mesh, seat belt, and rubber, children can do a variety of actions in the air. Our bungee trampoline is easy to install, disassemble, move, and store, so area restriction does not exist and ground construction is unnecessary. Besides, product of JMQ-007 has a size of 9 * 9 * 6m, with a small footprint.

It is important for users to pay attention to product safety, especially fastness of the seatbelt and firmness of the rope. Users shall check whether the parts are loosen or damaged from time to time. If a part is damaged or broken, users shall change it in time. Users can use dry cloth to wipe the product frequently, in order to keep it clean. Our product can only be used in park, leisure square, and sidewalk without traffics.

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