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Inflatable Bouncer

Inflatable bouncer can be divided into many series, including inflatable castle, inflatable bouncing, inflatable slide, bouncy castle, jumping castle, inflatable climbing, and inflatable water slide, etc. Made of PVC, the inflatable product has thickness of 0.45/0.55mm. Inflatable bouncer is designed according to the fact that children like playing and jumping in the open air. The funny castle contains slides with different animal shapes. Our product is safe, beautiful, and durable. It is widely used in places like park, school, nursery, garden, villa, neighborhood playground, children's palace, and supermarket, etc. Besides, we can offer you products of different shapes and sizes.

Parameters of the Inflatable Bouncer
JMQ-K145A 11*7*6m JMQ-K145D 9*6*6m JMQ-K148D 10*5*1m
JMQ-K145B 15*8*6.8m JMQ-K146B 12.5*8*6m JMQ-K148E 8*8*8m
JMQ-K145C 11*7*5.9m JMQ-K148C 11*7*4.5m JMQ-K151E 4*2.8*1.38m

Designed according to images of cartoons and animations, inflatable bouncer is safe, distinctive, and colorful, and is very popular with children. Product of JMQ-K151E has a size of 4 × 2.8 × 1.38m, with a small footprint. Made of 0.55mm imported PVC plastics, the product is smooth, non-flammable, and can effectively resist oxidant, reducing agent, and strong acid, so it is featured with high security and stability. Product of JMQ-K145B is a large-scale inflatable bouncer which includes inflatable jumper, inflatable castle, bouncer, and bouncy house. The product can effectively resist high tensile, high tear, flame, and cold.

Our inflatable bouncer can service 100,000 people normally in its service life. Users can select their favorite colors, and we can customize product according to the site.

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