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Bumper Car

As a Chinese toys manufacturer, our company produces various kinds of amusement rides, including bumper car, mini electric train, merry go round, and coin wobble machine, etc. We have three kinds of bumper cars, thus electric bumper car, skynet bumper car, and groundnet bumper car.

1. Power: 400W
2. Speed: 6-10km/h
3. Size: 1.95×1.15×0.96m
4. Weight: 200KG
5. Volume: 2m³
6. Voltage: Input 380V, output DC90V (electric cars), Battery cars: 24V, two 12V battery
7. Functions: Lighting, time control, music

JMQ-K134A 195*115
JMQ-K134B 195*115
JMQ-K134C 195*115

Bumper car is a kind of motor playground equipment. Our company produces three kinds of bumper cars, including groundnet bumper car, skynet bumper car and electric bumper car, sizes of which are respectively 195*115*96cm, 195*115*96cm, and 195*115*96cm. Due to the small sizes, these products are easy to transport and install. The electric bumper car is made of green GRP product with one-step molding technology, and its iron part adopts electrostatic spray painting. Equipped with battery power supply, the product is shaped like an animal, and it has many functions like sound, lighting, positioning, and timing. Electric bumper car is safe and easy to use, so it is popular with users. Exclusive area is necessary for the use of groundnet bumper car, which has a stronger impact force than electric bumper car. The product is a kind of amusement equipment which emphasizes participation, so visitors need to drive themselves. Groundnet bumper car has functions like touch, rub, rush, and collision, which will make the game exciting and wonderful.

Having been in the amusement rides industry for many years, our company is very strong, and owns rich production experiences and production facilities. Our product is sturdy and durable. The bumper car has passed certifications like CE, SGS, EN1176, ROHS, and ISO9001-2000, etc. Therefore, customers can rest assured to purchase our products.

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