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  • Plastic Slide Outdoor PlaygroundPlastic parts of the plastic ground are made of colorful and food-grade LLDPE, which is imported from South Korea. With high strength, the plastic slide outdoor playground contains anti-UV, anti-static and fade-proof elements. It has a smooth surface which is safe, eco-friendly, weather resistant, and not easy to fade.
    As a famous professional outdoor playground manufacturer ...
  • Wood Slide Outdoor PlaygroundFasteners of JMQ-K073F product are connected by stainless screws, and rubber pads are added between buckles and column contact points, so safety of our product can be guaranteed. Due to the ingenious design, all parts are combined skillfully with harmonious color. Wooden playground can train kid's athletic ability, physical flexibility, and sociality.
  • Stainless Steel Slide Outdoor PlaygroundAfter derusting, degreasing, and slinging processing, as well as the adoption of anti-UV, anti-static, and fade-proof elements strictly in accordance with the standard, the surface is smooth, safe, weather resistant, and not easy to fade. Composed of high strength perforated plates, the platform goes through dip treatment as a whole, so it is featured with safety, beauty, and good non-slip performance.
  • Indoor PlaygroundAs a new generation of children's activities center, indoor playground is designed according to children's habits like climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swing, and jumping, etc. Our product is a highly comprehensive children's playground, which integrates functions like amusement, sport, education, and fitness, etc. Therefore, our product is very popular with children.
  • Water SlideHowever, the disinfectant fluid in water can corrode the metal parts of water slide. Unlike traditional products, our water slide is featured with exquisite workmanship and excellent performances like impact resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance, so our product is safe and reliable, and can be used for a long time. Besides, our product has a quite low price.
  • Water BoatCompared with JMQ-K111F, product of JMQ-110A has a smaller size of 127 × 83 × 25cm, so it is flexible and easy to handle, and can be applied in children playground. Made of glass fiber, our water boat is featured with high flexibility, high strength, low weight, and low price. We use advanced rotational molding technology to cast the plastic parts of our product ...
  • Outdoor Fitness EquipmentDue to the adoption of high-temperature baking coating technology, our product is featured with safety, beauty, bright color, and effective anti-UV performance. Besides, locking fasteners can also effectively guarantee user's safety. Our outdoor fitness equipment adopts argon fluoride pipe connection technology, including pickling, phosphating ...
  • Swing SetWith reasonable price and various models, swing set is the most mature product among the product series produced by our company. After high temperature baking processing, our product is featured with corrosion protection, thermal stability, wear resistance, and long life span. Our product adopts GB standard galvanized steel and all kinds of surface treatment technology ...
  • Bungee TrampolineSpecially designed to help children exercise courage and improve comprehensive quality, our bungee trampoline is extremely interesting and exciting. Featured with low price, bungee trampoline is a prominent product of our company. As a result, we pay much attention to the purchase of materials of the accessories.
  • Inflatable BouncerDesigned according to images of cartoons and animations, inflatable bouncer is safe, distinctive, and colorful, and is very popular with children. Product of JMQ-K151E has a size of 4 × 2.8 × 1.38m, with a small footprint. Made of 0.55mm imported PVC plastics, the product is smooth, non-flammable, and can effectively resist oxidant, reducing agent, and strong acid, so it is featured with high security and stability.
  • Bumper CarBumper car is a kind of motor playground equipment. Our company produces three kinds of bumper cars, including groundnet bumper car, skynet bumper car and electric bumper car, sizes of which are respectively 195*115*96cm, 195*115*96cm, and 195*115*96cm. Due to the small sizes, these products are easy to transport and install.
  • Mini Electric TrainBesides, the processed product has good integrity, and FRP material is also featured with easy shaping, and free color allocation, etc. As a kind of amusement rides, our mini electric train has bright color, modern design, and reliable quality, so it is widely used in indoor and outdoor public places like park, children playground, and shopping mall, etc.
  • CarouselMade of FRP material, our carousel has an advantage over traditional product in terms of performance, application, and life span. This kind of material is light, with good insulation and low heat conductivity, so our product is light, safe, and heat-proof. With unique design, the carousel is easy and safe to ride.
  • Plastic Play EquipmentOur company produces all kinds of plastic play equipments, which can exercise children's athletic abilities and strengthen their constitution. Our plastic play equipments are well designed with various shapes according to children's interests. Our product adopts imported food-grade engineering plastics, and strictly adds UV-resistant, anti-static, and fade-proof elements.
  • Kiddie Rides, SeesawOur company is a professional manufacturer producing kiddie rides and seesaw . Our kiddie rides and seesaw can help children control their senses of balance, and promote the development of children's physical and mental health, so they are widely used in places like amusement park, community, and school, etc.
  • Plastic School Table and ChairProduct of plastic school table and chair series provided by our company is quite mature and perfect. The product is featured with safe and compact structure, smooth and fluent line, steadiness and durability. Product of JMQ-K181A adopts bright colors, and the tabletop has the same color as the bench.
  • Classroom Storage UnitThe product has small size and occupies small space, so it is easy for children to use and move. Made of plastic materials, our classroom storage unit is featured with simple structure, light weight, safety, and reliability. With abundant colors and various styles, our product can provide children with more free choices and develop their aesthetic appreciation.
  • Garden ChairGarden chair produced by our company can be divided into four types, including JMQ-K182G, JMQ-K182J, JMQ-K184B, and JMQ-K185I. Product of JMQ-K182G is 1.4m long, and consists of chair slats and chair legs. With high strength and shock resistance performance, our chair slats can be used for a long time in the open air.
  • Trash BinOur trash bin has smooth surface and artistic shape, and is very easy to clean. Some products can be used for classified garbage collection. Therefore, it is a practical waste container. In addition, our product is eco-friendly and has bright color, and can be applied to all kinds of waste management. However, the product shall be free from great pressure during transportation ...
  • Climbing WallDesigned to increase children's abilities to challenge and explore, climbing wall has several types, including plastic climbing wall, wooden climbing wall, and fiber glass climbing wall, etc. Children from three to fifteen years old can enjoy this sport. The material is rotational molding of LLDPE, which is imported from Samsung or ICO, and the iron part is hot-dip galvanized pipe.
  • Playground Safety MatPlayground safety mat is composed of surface course and base course. The surface course is formed by sturdy and durable rubber with various colors and high density, and the base course consists of black soft rubber, which can effectively protect people falling from a height. Meanwhile, our product is also featured with environmental protection, easy cleaning, and good drainage.

Jinmiqi is a professional playground equipment and toys manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including outdoor playground, outdoor fitness equipment, inflatable bouncer, amusement rides, and more.

Founded in 1995, our company operates a plant covering an area of 8,000 square meters, including a large-scale production department and an all-dimensional product exhibition hall. With accumulated production experience of approx. 20 years, our company has highly trained employees, advanced equipment, and strict quality control. We also continually invest in our human and material resources, so we can guarantee the quality of our playground equipment, water park equipment, and related products. As a result, all Jinmiqi products meet CE, SGS, EN1176, and ROHS standards, and Jinmiqi meets ISO9001-2000 standards.

Located in Guangzhou, China, our company has many advantages, such as convenient transportation by sea, land, and air, as well as easy access to labor and materials. Guangzhou is one of the largest exporting cities in China, and its peripheral industries are fully developed, so we can offer competitive prices on our playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, plastic play equipments, and more. As a result, our amusement and health equipment is popular both at home and abroad. In fact, our indoor playground, swing set, bungee trampoline and more are exported to America, Poland, Spain, Italy, Chile, Iran, Dubai, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, South America, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Australia, and Russia, and more. We welcome you to contact us regarding our many engaging and entertaining products.